Continuous monitoring, expert analysis, and proactive response

The technology behind LIFE Services enables added data center support without the cost of extra on-site staff. Our system experts have real-time insight and information needed to quickly identify, diagnose, and fix problems correctly — ultimately keeping your data center running while saving your organization time and money.

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24x7 Protection for your business-critical network

Vertiv Thermal Remote Monitoring services ensures that your business-critical network is protected 24x7. With early detection of temperature increases, as well as other anomalies, small problems won't become big ones. Our ability to poll your equipment's operational data at regular intervals provides unsurpassed predictive maintenance capabilities to ensure continuous operation.

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Prevent unplanned downtime with Vertiv UPS Monitoring

Augment your in-house staff with Vertiv remote monitoring specialists to provide 24x7 support or after-hours support so you can rest peacefully knowing your UPS system is protected. The monitoring services provided by Vertiv help to prevent unplanned downtime and keeps your data center running at peak performance.

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Prevent battery failure with Vertiv monitoring services

Continuously monitoring your critical battery parameters such as cell voltage, overall string voltage, current and temperature, along with periodic tests of the battery’s internal resistance will verify the operating integrity of the battery enabling you to replace defective batteries before they result in unplanned downtime. Vertiv battery specialists can install and monitor your critical strings to provide around the clock coverage. Featuring Albér® Monitoring Systems.

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System oversight for peace of mind

Combining Vertiv's SiteScan web system with remote monitoring services from Vertiv delivers the information you need and the service levels you expect. Together they help you manage your facilities more efficiently and effectively. Working with our team of data center infrastructure specialists who are armed with the knowledge and parts needed for fast response, you enjoy single-source accountability for all critical equipment monitoring and service escalation needs.

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Optimize your visibility and control with remote monitoring

With the increasing complexity of today's critical infrastructure, it's economically infeasible to maintain a dedicated staff with expertise in the myriad of technologies present in your data center. Thanks to the built-in technology in Vertiv intelligent rack PDUs, you don't have to. Augment your staff with the expertise from our remote engineering team to help monitor and manage all electrical information down to the outlet, phase, bank or rack PDU using one of Vertiv's industry-leading infrastructure management and monitoring systems.

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  • Service more than 115,000 pieces of equipment for 16,500 customers at more than 12,000 sites Average response time to an emergency call is less than 2 hours
  • ISO 9001 Registered
  • Remotely monitor more than 10,000 business critical systems
  • More than 670 customer engineers and field technicians throughout the U.S.
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