Somalia’s infrastructure in the telecoms sector has faced many ups and downs in the past from ongoing political and socioeconomic turmoil. The pandemic further impelled the need for economic resilience and cyber technologies that can mitigate the pandemic’s adverse effects on the country. The need to enhance connectivity in Somalia, as well as put the country on the global stage of digital reformation was vital. This demand was met by a leading telecommunications and internet services provider in SomaliaHormuud Telecom.


Improved connectivity for Somalia that supports digital transformation and fuels growth


Case Summary


Critical Need:

Deploy cable landing station in Somalia with solutions that would deliver the needed levels of energy efficiency, availability and flexibility

Vertiv Solution:
  • Vertiv™ NetSure™ 7100 Series DC power system
  • Vertiv™ Liebert® PDX thermal management systems
  • Project services including installation supervision
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